The ‘SpongeBob’ franchise is dead and gone

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie has been canceled, but there are still plenty of other shows on the air.

The online streaming service is no longer carrying the SpongeBob games, and a SpongeBob spin-off, SpongeBob & Co., will be airing instead.

But there are plenty of SpongeBob TV shows to keep you busy. has listed the new SpongeBob titles, as well as the spin-offs that will be available:SpongeBob: Season 7 premieres on March 24.

Spiders & Goblins season 3 premieres April 3.

Spin-Offs include:SpinOffs: The SpongeBob Movie: Season 8 premieres March 23, followed by SpongeBob: The Great Movie Ride on April 4.

Spins: SpongeBob Season 8, SpongeBots: Season 1, and SpongeBob’s Epic Quest: The Legend Continues premieres May 11.

SpontaneousSpongeSpongeSquid’s online store lists a total of 20 shows, including the spinoff SpongeBob Plays with a Supercomputer, as of March 31.

The streaming service will also be featuring the new Disney Channel series, SpongeSponge, on March 31 and May 2.

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