AARP: Flash Games Online is now free

Now that AARP’s Flash Games online service has been added to Google Play, the online game has been renamed to “Flash Games Online”.

However, the service is still only available to members in the US and Canada.

It is not currently available in Australia.

The service will be available in other countries soon, including India, China, and Japan.

AARP added the service last month after the AARP Foundation reported the number of new cases of influenza A-like illness and pneumonia among people playing games on devices like Apple’s iPad.

In a statement, AARP Chief Executive Ann McKee said: “Flash games online is a way for people to play games without having to travel to a computer lab to do so.

It’s the next best thing to playing games with family and friends in a physical environment.”

AARP also noted that people who do not have access to an internet connection and do not play flash games online should consider using a friend’s or family member’s internet connection instead.