‘Nimble Move’ is online, but its only for ‘a couple of hours’: Games critic

Ninjago: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, another free-to-play game on the Wii U, is online but its limited to a few hours.

The game’s developer has posted a new video to YouTube explaining the limitations.

“We are sorry, but we can’t guarantee that the game will be playable for the duration of this limited time.

This limitation may last for a few minutes, or the game may not be available at all,” reads the YouTube video.

“Please use the internet, play it, and let us know if you find any bugs.

We are here to help you.”

Ninjagon has not yet replied to requests for comment from CBC News.

It is unclear if the game is still in beta.

“Ninjago” is not the first game on Wii U to have its online features limited to just a couple of minutes.

In December, Super Mario Maker launched online for just five minutes, according to a game blog post from the game’s creator.

It was a big deal, but it’s unlikely that anyone who wanted to play it would have been able to because of the limitations the game introduced.

The limitations were put in place after a user called the developer of the game, Ninja Theory, and reported that it had not been able, for example, to create a level that could be accessed from within a Mario Maker level.

The developer quickly responded by saying the game was running fine, but that it would be better to have a game that could also be played on the Internet.

“You can play it online, and it’s not going to be a problem,” Ninja Theory said in a statement to CBC News at the time.

“But, unfortunately, we can only allow the online play for a couple hours, or it may not work at all.”

A Ubisoft spokesperson told CBC News that the online service was still in testing, and that it has “no plans” to launch the game on its own.