What the GOP really thinks about the Supreme Court: A guide to the 2016 election

The most surprising thing about Donald Trump is that he is the one who is doing the talking.

His entire campaign has been built on his willingness to engage in the politics of fear.

The other candidates have spent their time and energy trying to scare people and make them think that the world is going to end.

Trump is playing the same game.

We saw it in the last election cycle when the GOP nominated Marco Rubio, and Rubio, for example, did everything possible to try to frighten people by promising that the next president would be a woman who is a Muslim, an African-American, a woman or a man who was not conservative.

The Republicans did not try to make Trump seem crazy and dangerous.

They did not even try to scare him into thinking that they would not win the White House.

But Trump has become one of the most effective, persuasive, and entertaining candidates to run for president in modern history.

And he has done it in a way that has surprised the media and the voters.

The way he has handled the campaign, the way he is using the media to promote his agenda, the fact that he can go around the country with rallies with 20,000 people and the fact he is winning so many of the debates, has all made the media’s job easier.

They could have easily dismissed Trump, because they did not know him.

Now that he has become president, they have to take him seriously.

That is the way they will be able to win over voters.

So I have not seen any other candidate who has been so effective and so effective in the way that Trump is.

That was the challenge for me when I first started watching the 2016 campaign.

I knew that Trump was going to be a dangerous figure because of the way his behavior was in the early months of the campaign.

He started off as a populist candidate and a birther who wanted to bring back the Jim Crow laws that he had opposed.

He was the most xenophobic candidate in the race, and then he changed his position on the Iraq War to support the war.

But the question that I kept asking myself, when he got into the race in May of 2016, was this guy who has spent a lifetime trying to divide people up, is he really going to do what is necessary to win?

And the answer was yes.

The polls consistently show that voters, in the majority of cases, support him.

They are going to vote for him because they have an obligation to support him, because he has been the best messenger they have had in the past 20 years.

And then in September of 2016 Trump changed his stance on immigration, and in November of 2016 he supported amnesty.

These are not small changes.

These were major shifts in policy.

So he is now going to have to deal with the fact of what happened in the campaign and the political reality of the country and the politics and the realities of the election that were so important in making him the president that he will have to have a very different style.

And so that is going be his job, as president.

But it will also be the job of the press.

I think the press has been incredibly good to him in terms of doing this job of reporting and covering the election, and that he needs to have that kind of coverage.

I have been watching the press closely and have been amazed by how the media has taken it upon themselves to go out and tell the truth about Trump.

So far they have been excellent.

I do not know if I would have made this decision if I had known that Trump would have won the election.

But I do know that he did win.

And I think it is an important lesson for the press and the American people to realize that there are some things that are not going to change.

They will be talking about it for a long time, but people are going at it differently.

So the next time you hear someone say that Trump won because he is “a smart guy,” or that “people were fooled by the media,” that is a mistake.

The real answer is that the voters did not vote for Trump.

The American people voted for somebody else.

And the people are angry at Trump for a number of reasons, but he has also done a remarkable job at appealing to the fears of the electorate.

The media is trying to keep it that way, because if they do, they will never be able really to say that about Trump because he will not be able and will not listen to them.

And that is the danger that they will find themselves in.

The biggest problem in this election cycle is that so much of the reporting on the campaign has focused on the way Trump has done his talking about Muslims and Mexicans and other groups, and he is trying, by any means necessary, to frightens the electorate into believing that the country is going into a nuclear holocaust, a major war, a civil war.

They have to talk about that and talk about the other things that Trump