Why is Solitaire Online shutting down?

Online Solitaire games have been on the rise for years.

The original version of Solitaire, developed by Epic Games, was an instant hit, and became the fastest-selling video game of all time.

But the games that made up Solitaire Online’s stable of games were not only the hits.

The online game had an amazing user base and the community grew organically over time, as players got into the game’s addictive world.

But recently, the games were being shut down.

In an official statement to Eurogamer, the game developers at Epic Games said the shutdown was part of a “complex” restructuring of the company’s operations.

It explained that this restructuring had been in the works for a few months and that it was now a time for the company to move on.

“The restructuring of our business has not been fully communicated to our community and customers,” it said.

“It is in the best interest of our company to provide an update on the company and its operations.”

The decision comes after the closure of another popular online game, Solitaire on Xbox Live, which was one of the top-selling games of all-time, and which was responsible for a substantial amount of revenue for Epic Games.

The company said the closure was not related to the closure or the closure in question.

In this case, Epic Games is not the only online game company that is shutting down, and that number is growing rapidly.

GamesBeat reports that Activision Blizzard is shutting its online game service down.

The closure of the Blizzard Online game service has been coming for some time now, and has been making headlines in the US and Europe for some months now.

It has led to some backlash in some parts of the gaming community.

In a blog post published earlier this month, Epic announced that the company was shutting down Blizzard’s online games business.

The reason for the closure is unclear.

But there is a lot of uncertainty about what this closure means for the future of online games.

We will be releasing a statement about this closure in the coming days, we’ll keep you updated, the company said.

Epic Games also said it would be “exploring a variety of business opportunities to improve our online community, including the creation of an in-game chat service.”