Google’s gaming service is now online for free in India

Google’s online gaming service, Google Play Games, is now available in India, a Google spokesperson said on Thursday.

Google Play Games is a service that enables you to play online games and other online entertainment.

Google is offering the service for free for a period of two years to users of Android smartphones running Google Play, the Android operating system, and to developers who build apps on top of the platform.

Google said the service will be available on Google Play for Indian users in India through February, with more details to follow later in the year.

Google has been testing Play Games in India for several months, according to Google India CEO Rahul Jain.

Google, which launched Play Games on March 14, said that the service has already been downloaded over 40 million times and that it will be open for more users to download Play Games at a later date.

The company also said that it is targeting the country for the service in the coming months.

Google announced Play Games last month, with Jain saying that Play Games will provide “the best of Android gaming on the internet”.

Google Play has already become the top-ranked mobile gaming platform for Google Android, with Android gamers enjoying the company’s games on Google’s platform on the iPhone and the Android-powered Android phones running Android smartphones from Apple and Samsung.

Google is the most popular mobile platform in India with over 10 million Android smartphones, according the country’s gaming market research firm NPD Group.