Online sex game games ‘may not be legal in Texas’

Online sex games may not be in Texas, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying them online.

The Dallas Morning News reported Friday that “the sex industry is booming in Texas,” citing statistics from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

The Texas attorney general’s office confirmed to the newspaper that the agency had received a complaint from a Texas woman alleging that online sex games violate state law.

“It is against the law to offer or host any type of sex service online without a license from the State of Texas,” the Texas attorney the attorney general told the newspaper.

The attorney general did not specify the type of online sex game, but the report quoted an online sex worker who said she has seen some players advertise their services as “dating.”

“There are so many options out there.

It is so easy to have sex online,” the sex worker told the Dallas Morning Post.

“The sex industry will continue to thrive,” the attorney told the paper.

“We have the money, the infrastructure, and the technology to keep it going.”