How to find a good babysitter online

It’s not the first time a babysitter’s been featured on social media, but a popular babysitter site that hosts thousands of babysitters has been criticized for a recent ad campaign for a game that involves killing children.

The online dating site, MyLifeHustler, which has millions of users, is currently running an ad campaign featuring the video game “Pillow Fight,” in which the player has to play as a babysitting service that puts up pillow fights to see who can survive the night.

In the ad, the player uses a virtual pillow as a shield to protect himself from the monsters that roam the night, while also watching a video of the players’ interactions.

When you’re looking for a babysit, it’s important to be selective, says MyLifeHub.

You can’t have a babysitters who are just a regular mom and pop service, so the game makes it a little harder to find babysitters that are just as popular, or maybe even better, than a babysiter who actually cares about children.

In an email to Business Insider, MySpace spokesperson Jessica Kornstein said that while the game has been featured in many social media campaigns and that MyLifehub is “working on a full response,” the company is “deeply disappointed” in the ad campaign.

The company said that MySpace and MyLife huddles on “reaction to the campaign” and that it “will work to improve its response to this and other ads.”

MyLifeHuffler did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A number of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have suspended the ads in recent days for the campaign.

In an email sent to Business Insider, MyLove, an online dating platform, said that it is “currently investigating the ad.”

“As of this writing, we are unable to provide additional details about this campaign.

We are currently in a discussion with our partners to determine the best course of action,” MyLove said in the email.