Digital toys to help kids cope with school exams

More than one million people in Australia are using digital toys to cope with the stress of the upcoming school exams.

Key points:More than 1 million people are using toys to manage schoolworkThe toys can help with learning and help with concentrationOnline games can help keep kids occupied and focusedDigital toys help students relax and feel more in control of their studiesMore than one in five students in Australia’s state schools are using a digital toy for learning.

The devices are often used to keep students entertained and can be used to help students concentrate.

“They are really great for children, it can be really helpful for a child’s concentration, and they can also be used for self-management and a lot of other things,” said Dr Sarah McConkie, a teacher in the Perth-based online teaching organisation Teachers’ School.

“There are some really great devices out there that you can find at your local hardware store.”

It can help a child focus, for example if they have been doing the same exercise for a while and they have to change the settings on the device and have to re-read their paper, they can be quite distracted and feel like they are missing out on a bit of that information.

“Some of the devices also come with games, games can also help students with concentration.”

I would recommend these to kids who are struggling with the exams, so they can take the time to get their head around these,” Dr McConie said.”

These can be very helpful.

“Teachers’ School’s online school curriculum helps students to develop skills that will help them in the exam preparation process.”

We’ve got about 20 students in the curriculum, which is all online, but that’s a lot for a single student to get into,” she said.

In many ways, online learning is already well accepted, but the school’s curriculum is different.”

Most of our students have had to take a course on digital education before they’re able to access the online curriculum,” she added.”

The curriculum itself is designed to be flexible enough that we can accommodate a wide range of learners.

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