What is Minecraft?

Mojang, makers of Minecraft, has released the first public look at the upcoming Minecraft Online, a free to play game that lets players create and share their own worlds with other players.

In a new trailer, Mojang shows off a couple of of gameplay examples that are set to debut in the next few weeks.

The trailer introduces players to the game’s first tutorial, where they can pick up a basic object and walk around its surroundings.

Then, the developer shows off two more tutorials, including one in which players can create a “portal” to explore a space.

In the first tutorial that Mojang has posted online, players will be tasked with constructing a wooden bridge.

They can then create a wooden tower and use a block to construct a ladder to climb up the side.

Then, players can walk around the island’s land and construct a new castle that they can build into a massive structure, which they can then “land on.”

Players can also build out the island, creating a new city and a “home” that they call a “dungeon.”

Players can then use blocks to “walk through” the dungeon, which will allow them to build a “tunnel” or a “room.”

The first tutorial also introduces players into the Minecraft world.

It’s here that they’ll be able to learn how to “land” in the world.

Players can find out how to get there by placing a “minecart” at the edge of the map.

The Minecraft Online will be available on November 14 for free, and it will be free to download and play for two weeks.

It is expected to have a price tag of $4.99.

Minecraft Online is set to release this fall.