How Naruto got its name from Naruto the Ninja – a book by Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schlumberger has announced the release of Naruto the Movie, a “sequel to the critically acclaimed 2014 anime film.”

The new movie will be released on December 1.

The film, based on the Naruto manga series, is written and directed by Tsugumi Ohba, who also directed the 2015 animated film.

It’s the sequel to the 2008 animated film and features the voices of both Shino and Konoha Shino.

Naruto the Movie stars Asami Sunagawa, Tomohiro Furukawa, Ryūichi Kiba, Minami Aoyama, and Kenichi Inada.

It will be directed by Kōtarō Fujita and written by Yōji Shino, Yoshimitsu Sato, and Ryūji Nagata.

The film also stars Tomoko Iwasaki, Yōko Kondo, and Masami Hoshino.

The story takes place in the fictional village of Konoha.

The anime’s official website is currently set to open on December 3.