When I’m on the Internet, I’m Losing My Mind

I have spent hours playing video games online while my friends play them offline, so it was natural to wonder if online gaming could be as addicting as I thought.

But I wasn’t alone in my suspicions.

An analysis of gaming statistics found that the majority of online gamers aren’t even playing games on a regular basis.

Instead, the majority are “playing for fun,” according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

And while some people may enjoy playing video-game online, most don’t.

In fact, Pew Research found that a majority of Americans aren’t playing video game online at all, but rather are playing video poker, video poker online, video slot machines, video games, video gambling, or video poker.

What makes this study so important is that it highlights how many Americans are losing their minds playing video gaming.

And the reasons are simple: online gaming has become such a part of our lives that we’ve become accustomed to losing our minds, said Sarah Kliff, a research scientist at the Pew Center who conducted the study.

Online gaming has evolved into a massive, addictive market, Kliff told Business Insider.

The Pew study shows that nearly two-thirds of gamers are spending more than $200 per month on online gaming, with one in five playing for less than $50.

The most popular video game is “Grand Theft Auto Online,” which is sold for $19.99.

This is a big problem because most of these games are designed to be played over multiple days.

Gaming can be a great way to spend money, but it can also be a dangerous hobby.

As a result, people are turning to online gambling to fill the void.

Gaming addiction is on the rise among teenagers, and this trend will only continue to grow as people move online, Kliffs study found.

The internet is also a great opportunity for gaming to be addictive.

There are tons of great games on the web, and a lot of people can learn from the games.

But these games require players to constantly pay attention to how the game is being played and adjust their strategies to fit the game’s unique gameplay mechanics, Klisss study found, adding that “a lot of these people are not aware of how they are addicted.”

And these online games can be addictive, too.

“The game that I think of as the most addictive one is probably ‘Grand Theft Caravan,'” Kliff said.

“I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone back and played this game and I was thinking, I don’t have to pay attention.”

The problem is, a lot people are playing “GTA Online,” a game that requires players to pay more attention to the game than the gameplay itself, Klips study found.

“It’s really easy to get caught up in the game and the fact that it’s a game,” Kliff explained.

“We all play the same way.”

But gamers aren�t just playing for fun.

There’s also the psychological cost, as Kliff noted.

“Online games are a way for people to be more comfortable around each other, which can make them less likely to share information or be open with each other about other people,” Kliffs research found.

“So it can be really important for people who play games to have someone who is a friend or a confidant in order to feel comfortable.”

The real problem with gaming, Klicks study found,, is that people aren�m not paying attention.

They�re using the same tactics they�ve been doing for years: playing video slots, playing online poker, and playing video video games.

In short, the vast majority of gamers aren’t paying attention to any aspect of the game.

They are just using the game to get themselves into a gaming addiction.