Why do I like fighting games?

I was recently asked to play some of my favourite fighting games on my smartphone and I am so happy to say I actually liked them all.

These games have taken the fighting game genre by storm in recent years and while I am not a big fan of the genre as a whole, I have found myself enjoying the games I play.

I am now looking forward to some new ones that will give me the satisfaction of being able to fight my way to the top.

The biggest complaint I have heard about fighting games is the lack of variety.

There is no real reason why fighting games should be more diverse, right?

Well, there are a few reasons for that.

First, fighting games are a game of choice, meaning that players can choose their characters and the character they want to play.

There are also many different fighting game tournaments that players compete in, so there are plenty of ways to pick up new fighters.

Second, fighting game players are usually the same person all the time.

If you play online games with friends, you will often be able to have a chat or two with them as they play, so you can learn a lot about them.

Finally, fighting sports fans are generally more open to new fighters, as most of them are from the same region.

So, why do I enjoy these fighting games so much?

In my opinion, they are great fun to play, and they are extremely addictive.

Fighting games have become a huge part of the gaming culture and I feel that they will continue to grow.

However, I would also argue that fighting games will never be as popular as they once were.

This is because the gaming world is still very young and it is still mostly a niche industry.

Fighting game players aren’t as interested in the latest game as most gamers, and this has led to a general lack of interest from the mainstream media.

However the next big wave of fighting games, like Street Fighter V, will hopefully be able bring a new level of popularity and excitement to the fighting games genre.